Soul Satisfaction


I am Marguerite, let me edutain you!  Have fun learning about my life and the ways that I can support you in reinventing yourself at any age on the stage of life with my Soul Satisfaction life skills.  I’m what they call a triple threat, a person who’s professionally trained in acting, singing and dancing.  As an entertainer, I’ve performed on TV, musicals, theatre, and bands.  Simultaneously I’ve been a university educator for over twenty years, a speaker and consultant with a course I developed called Soul Satisfaction. 

This is how I came to live my dual life as an edutainer.  I was born and raised in Los Angeles into a family with a rich history in show biz.  It was natural for me to perform.  I even had the opportunity to act in two L.A. Area Emmy Award-winning specials. 

Before that, Paramount Studios executives scouted me to create a yoga video for their internationally distributed Buns of Steel series.  Once the video was released, my speaking career was immediately launched at the Sacred Living Conference LAX/Hilton, when I was invited to join a panel of bestselling authors, such as Dr. Wayne Dyer. 

Then, scholars Larry Payne, Ph.D., and Georg Feuerstein Ph.D., the co-authors of Yoga for Dummies hired me as a photoshoot consultant and model for their book.  After the universe tied me with these funny publishing titles, Buns of Steel and Yoga for Dummies, and a good friend insisting that I do standup comedy, I eventually said, “Why not.”  That was over ten years ago.  While teaching and doing standup I was invited to perform my solo show, “Autobiography of a Buns of Steel Yogini,” and headline at the Hilton, Sedona Yoga Festival for three consecutive years, deeming me the first yogini comedian. 

I’ve continually entertained in clubs, at health conferences, film festivals, corporations, and university leader’s clubs, while also acting in commercial and film roles.  I was invited to teach to Division 1 athletes and the West Coast Conference “How to Prevent and Heal Injuries.”  I developed an award-winning, after-school enrichment program for at-risk youth.   I present Soul Satisfaction, the course I teach at USD, and offer it as a consultant to groups and individual clients. I’m invited annually to present at SAAM events (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) to assist trauma victims in reclaiming and maintaining their personal power. I was recruited to teach at Scripps Hospitals and to be the first yoga/meditation teacher at the Marines Corps.  Wherever and whomever I serve, at any age on the stage of life, I love sharing my dual blend of comic relief and stress relief for peace, health, and fun!