“Reinvent yourself at any age on the stage of life.”

Being overly attached to roles in life can lead to an identity crisis, especially after a particular stage of life has come to an end.  Soul Satisfaction skills assist in self-confidence to move fluidly and joyfully adapt to where life is leading, resulting in ever new peace, health and fun.

When I proposed the Soul Satisfaction course to USD, my supervisor loved the idea, as it assists the students in moving beyond their academic brain and into awareness of their intuitive, creative inner resources, skills they will use beyond graduation.  These young adults are just beginning to discover themselves.  With Soul Satisfaction practice they learn to consciously invent themselves.  When clients outside of USD expressed interest in this life skills program, I began consulting for older populations, who are eager to reinvent themselves

Learning to distinguish the difference between externally driven pressures for societal approval, and true internally motivated actions leads to a life of soul satisfaction.  With this program you will witness yourself moving into quantifiable new levels of soul satisfaction, by integrating your personal values with your actions.  With repeated practice this integrity leads to ever deeper levels of soul satisfaction throughout a lifetime.

Benefits of Soul Satisfaction: Self-awareness assists in regulating emotions, which ultimately leads to thoughtful responses rather than reaction. By listening to your intuition you will develop keen focus, continuity of peace, increased confidence to implement your intuitive guidance.

You will deepen your connection to the innate joy that is not contingent upon external factors, self-trust that leads to keen discernment between benevolent and malevolent forces, the ultimate fulfillment of successfully expressing in the world in the ways that are most personally meaningful.

These principles and practices are life skills that are transferable to all demographics of age groups, educational levels, religions, socio-economic levels.

The levels of peace, health, and fun are ever new and deepening.  The levels are detectable and quantifiable.

As the edutainer/facilitator of Soul Satisfaction, my greatest satisfaction comes from seeing my clients visibly shine with a soft golden glow of peace, a demeanor of ease and confidence as they experience, realize and deepen their self-trust.  Shared joy tears, healing tears, laughter, goosebumps, and synchronicities are also a beautiful, standard part of the experience.