Solo Show

Autobiography of a Buns of Steel Yogini

Invited to present three consecutive years at the Sedona Yoga Festival

In this show I share the mystical events that lined up prior to being chosen by Paramount Studios executives to create a Yoga Video for the internationally distributed Buns of Steel label.  I share how I was the odd ball child in my family who discovered and developed a dedicated meditation practice at the age of thirteen.   After numerous lifetime incidences of being led to benevolent and fruitful outcomes by listening from within, I eventually stopped questioning, “What are you nuts, God?” and learned to simply accept, enjoy and share the countless gifts of life.  With these out-of-this-world true stories, the audience is taken on an enchanting, sometimes harrowing and humorous journey.  Lessons are interwoven through the stories that resulted in outcomes of confidence and self-mastery, while learning to sense beyond appearances into deep trust of the beautiful faculty of the soul, intuition.